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Welcome Divine Soul

This is the time of awakening and ascension to 5th dimensional consciousness, the age of Aquarius, the sun cycle; We are regaining use of ESP our (Extrasensory perception) 6th senses. Ascension has never yet been achieved whilst in physical form. We are all becoming are own ascended masters right here and now on planet earth and we are creating and manifesting how that happens momentarily. Continue reading…

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1526113_679164982135244_1356612319_n Integration of the Soul Light Codes - These are some ways in which you can integrate the Soul/Light Codes that have been brought in recently and how to keep your vibration high… • Watch your words/thoughts. Use only words that are of the NOW and are positive
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image5 Art of Allowing - The Art of Allowing   The ego wants to know and control every circumstance, situation and outcome in your world. However, the ego has always been shown it has little control over the universe and your circumstances. Even though this
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1497618_637369309638088_187995478_n Self Love - Self Love The most beneficial healing you’ll ever participate in is the powerful process of self-healing. Deciding that you are no longer going to hurt you is extremely empowering and liberating action. However, putting you first takes commitment, self respect
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creationists Creationists…… - When we say to ourselves we should do this today, I want to complete that by next week, I want an empty to-do list by the end of the day, we are creating levels of expectation from our own selves.
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1479507_632536760121343_1578247803_n Expression of the ‘silent suffering’ - How many experiences have been suffered in silence? How many traumas have been witnessed in silence? How many unexpressed parts of us exist? We are very keen to share our positive achievements and joyful experiences as we know that they
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1424449_631244203583932_1375730981_n Multidimensional Conversations - I awake with a heart full of gratitude I am in awe of my existence at this time. I awake with the awareness that this is another day on the path of ascension. How grateful am I to be alive
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Join the Soul Guidance Collective. ME = WE

Are you serious about self development? Turn me into we, with the soul guidance collective; Your own development contributing to humanitarian issues.

  • Spiritual teachings to assit your evolution process MP4 videos
  • Monthly online group mediation & Q & A session
  • Bonus vault material
  • Access to online forum/private facebook page where we can each one reach one teach one
  • Access to archived library for previous months topics
  • 10% off all products
  • 25% + collective used to create and sustain communities worldwide, starting in africa

Become part of the collective the place where you can learn and contribute to the humanitarian issues earth is facing. Come together in the REAL world and make a difference, the soul guidance collective is where you’ll meet people just like you. Learn about you, and take your journey to another level, the collective level.

This is about we not me, the collective is where YOU choose your level of involvement ;

  • Just join the collective learn, evolve and interact with others and know that you are contributing the bigger picture
  • You may have something that you would like to share, or, maybe you would like to contribute your skills and or opinions and become part of the council, after all, we will need a team.


Sign up for only £1 for first month and £9.99 thereafter.

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