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121 Soul Guidance

Illumination Empowerment Session

Each guidance call is unique and the techniques used vary between clients, identification and resolution are all part of the call.

I communicate intuitively with your soul on many levels using ethereal dialogue which provides you with insightful information accurately reflecting to you what your relevant soul message is to you, in the time of NOW. It involves your current process of evolution, energetically deciphering what is preventing you from progressing on your path and where your blockages are located.

Illumination empowerment is teaching you to heal self, no third party required just you and your own direct connection to Divine Supreme Matter (Source energy). I teach you the techniques to overcome your own issues, know self and find your own power. This is where true empowerment lies. Empowering your soul with Illuminated guidance, enhancing your own ability to connect to your higher self and as such, have more clarity with your own divinity.

This is a live call via either SKYPE/PHONE directly connecting with me, Essence. Where we engage soul to soul, ask specific questions about your life now, you may be stuck on your path, unsure of which route to take.

Let me assist you in illuminating the shadows providing you with the clarity that you currently need in an empowering, direct, supportive and encouraging energy.

  • 1 Hour Soul Guidance – Illumination Empowerment £75.00/$123.00/€90.00
  • 30 min Soul Guidance – Time is limited on these sessions £40.00/$65.00/€48.50
  • 3 hours Soul Guidance, Illumination Empowerment Mentoring to use at your leisure (minimum 30 minutes per each session) £199.00/$327.00/€241.50


25% Discount for all 121 Sessions all February 2014

1 Hour – £75.00
30 Min – £50.00

These services are also available in person in my current country of residence.

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