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About me

Thank you for visiting my website. I am the creationist of Soul Guidance My gifted name is Essence, and just like you I am the Essence of all things, I am essential to your evolution process.

This is the time of awakening and ascension to 5th dimensional consciousness, the age of Aquarius, the sun cycle; We are regaining use of ESP our (Extrasensory perception) 6th senses. Ascension has never yet been achieved whilst in physical form. We are all becoming are own ascended masters right here and now on planet earth and we are creating and manifesting how that happens momentarily.

My Ethos/Mission

Empowering you to become independent on your path not to create or rely on any dependencies. Walking your path without anything or person to lean on other than self and source, as this is where your true power lies.

Teaching you to accept responsibility and overstanding that you alone are 100% responsible for your world, whatever that reality is, you are responsible for your creation. Illuminating your awareness to the fact that you also have the power to change your reality, and teaching you how to use your abilities to do so. about-me

What I do

I am a spiritual teacher/mentor. I internationally teach spirituality, consciousness and oneness, incorporating the fundamentals of spirituality which ultimately create freedom empowering your soul to remember the truth that is within you, guiding your soul on its journey of rediscovery back to its essence of pure Divine Love.

Each One Reach One & Teach One

It is overstood we are all teachers and students all with something to teach and all with something to learn. Guiding and empowering your soul to finding your own power and strengthening your own connection to Source. Will inspire you to do the same for another and so the ‘ripple effect can continue as we all reach another, and teach another the light and consciousness expands and shines much brighter than before. Raising the vibration and frequency of planet earth together!

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