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Author Archives: Essence

Integration of the Soul Light Codes

These are some ways in which you can integrate the Soul/Light Codes that have been brought in recently and how to keep your vibration high… • Watch your words/thoughts. Use only words that are of the NOW and are positive
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The Eye of the Needle

Each one of us has lived through some level of adversities, pain, suffering, loneliness, some kinda weather storm some form of spiritual crisis. It is easy to forget that which we have overcome and how we felt at that time.
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Art of Allowing

The Art of Allowing   The ego wants to know and control every circumstance, situation and outcome in your world. However, the ego has always been shown it has little control over the universe and your circumstances. Even though this
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Seasonal Greetings

Seasonal greetings Soul Family, We all have very different belief’s, faiths, religion’s and cultures this is the time of the year when most of us get a break from our daily routines and get to spend quality time with family
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Self Love

Self Love The most beneficial healing you’ll ever participate in is the powerful process of self-healing. Deciding that you are no longer going to hurt you is extremely empowering and liberating action. However, putting you first takes commitment, self respect
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When we say to ourselves we should do this today, I want to complete that by next week, I want an empty to-do list by the end of the day, we are creating levels of expectation from our own selves.
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Expression of the ‘silent suffering’

How many experiences have been suffered in silence? How many traumas have been witnessed in silence? How many unexpressed parts of us exist? We are very keen to share our positive achievements and joyful experiences as we know that they
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Personal and self development

Personal and self development is the most difficult paths to walk, There is no one that can do it for you, ALL of the work depends on you, your commitment and dedication. There is nobody that can wave a magic
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Multidimensional Conversations

I awake with a heart full of gratitude I am in awe of my existence at this time. I awake with the awareness that this is another day on the path of ascension. How grateful am I to be alive
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Resistance and surrendering

There is a resistance to surrendering that which is closest to our hearts. It may an environment a career or a relationship, those same things that are very close to your heart are extremely difficult to let go of. You
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