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collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.


Is the Soul Guidance Collective for you?

  • Is personal and self development important to you?
  • Do you want to contribute to real humanitarian issues ?
  • Do you have a yearning for a deeper overstanding of you?
  • Do you want to be more positive and in control of your life?
  • Are you ready to peel away the layers and reveal the authentic you?
  • Do you need reliable simplistic information that inspires you on your path?
  • Are you looking for somewhere to share your journey with like minded individuals?
  • Do you want to be more in alignment with your divinity? the authentic you and your power?
  • Are you ready to realise your potential?
  • Do you want to know what metaphysics, multi-dimensionality and all these other spiritual topics actually mean to you ?
  • Are you ready to become part of the Soul Guidance Collective?


 Join the Soul Guidance Collective

ME = WE  


We have chosen to be here in this time of awakening and ascension to 5th dimensional consciousness. Whilst this is the first time this is being achieved in physical form. Many questions arise as your DNA is being ignited and the pathway to the authentic you has been opened up. Your soul searching has started and your life has new meaning becoming more and more aware of yourself, the environment and your place in it.

Learn how to raise you consciousness and maintain your higher frequency, learn how to self heal and clear you own issues preventing you for progressing along your path. Clear the blockages in your physical body, mind and heart to propel along your ascension path

The Soul Guidance Collective has been created to assist you on your journey with helpful topics that will teach you how to strengthen your connection with your own divinity/source/creator and feed your soul. Each month we will cover a different topic using video’s, MP3’s, webcasts and a monthly LIVE online meditation and Q&A session. Bonus material will be also be provided and available in the Bonus Vault.

If you wish to review previous months content all information is archived providing you with your own library that you can review and access at any time. You will also have access to a private forum/private facebook group where you can connect with all other collective members where each one, can reach one and teach one.

We will be donating a large % of Soul Guidance Collective funds to create and sustain our own eco friendly  ‘Soul Guidance Communities’ worldwide starting in Africa. Learn about you, and take your journey to another level, the Soul Guidance Collective level ME=WE.

In addition to the above 10% discount off all products.


Scheduled Topics


  • Fundamentals grounding & protection. 
  • Bonus – (Fundamentals – Gratitude, Meditation & Journalling)
  • Energy meridians (chakras), Bio Energetic Fields  (Aura). 
  • Bonus (Fundamentals – Natures Healing Environments & Foods)
  • Energetic ties & sexual encounters
  • Energy Cleansing
  • Ascension/awakening & 5th Dimensional Consciousness
  • Inner Child Relations/Levels of the Mind

This schedule maybe subject to change based on requests

Become part of the collective the place where you can learn and contribute to the humanitarian issues earth is facing. Come together in the REAL world and make a difference, the Soul Guidance Collective is where you’ll meet people just like you.

  • Spiritual teachings to assist your evolution process
  • Monthly online group mediation & Q & A session
  • Bonus vault material
  • Access to online forum/private facebook page
  • Access to archived library for previous topics
  • 10% off all products
  • 25% + collective £ used to create and sustain communities worldwide, starting in africa
  • Access to these communities once established

If the Soul Guidance Collective resonates with you and you are motivated to join you can do so for trial price of £1 (approx $1.50 USD) for the first month. Get a feel for the purpose, the essential wisdom shared and our collective family. I know you’ll love our collective mission, message and connection.

When you have browsed ‘ Soul Guidance Collective’ content for a month and decided to continue to be part of  The Collective the energetic exchange is £9.99 month (approx $15.00 USD) for any subsequent months you remain part of the Soul Guidance Collective.

This is the monetary exchange however The Collective will accept any skills, or services you may want to contribute. Implementing the opportunity for ‘fair exchange’ between us.

The first topics content is to be released on the 13/03/14 register here now for £1 and receive your login details on the 13 March.


Collective Counsel

This is about we not me, the Collective is where YOU choose your level of involvement, an opportunity to actively be part of the the evolving Soul Guidance Collective;

  • Just join the collective learn, evolve and interact with others and know that you are contributing the bigger picture
  • We all have skills in something which can be beneficial to a project of this size; maybe you would like to contribute your skills and opinions and become part of the counsel, after all, we will need a team.

The Soul Guidance Counsel will be launched on the 13/05/14

Counsel Requirements;

  • Already part of the Soul Guidance Collective
  • Contributory skills to the Collective projects
  • Willing to be present in the actual physical community or online with your contributory skills
  • Become part of the decision making process

In addition to the benefits of the Soul Guidance Collective;

  • Monthly meetings to discuss Collective
  • Monthly 30min 121 Session to assist you on your personal journey.

This will be advertised to the Soul Guidance Collective for Launch in May 2014


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