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When we say to ourselves we should do this today, I want to complete that by next week, I want an empty to-do list by the end of the day, we are creating levels of expectation from our own selves.

Interesting enough when those same things are not accomplished we regress into some negative judgmental, harsh self talk all because we never achieved our own expectations. This is something we all get caught up in without even realizing it. We forget that ‘we’ have set the ‘standard’ and therefore we can also change it at anytime, but we continue to scrutinize ourselves focusing that which was not done.

I have had this same conversation with 15 people or more over the past 10 days myself included. I find it easier to work in the moment, when I have the energy or creativity for that particular task. Putting pressure on ourselves to ‘get things done’ sometimes works against the grain as we are just not in the mood! When we are in the mood things get done more efficiently and often with better results.

Choose to be kind to you, rid yourself of those mental to-do-lists, ‘do’ when you really feel like it, trust and know that it will be done.

Essence x

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