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Expression of the ‘silent suffering’

How many experiences have been suffered in silence? How many traumas have been witnessed in silence? How many unexpressed parts of us exist?

We are very keen to share our positive achievements and joyful experiences as we know that they will be received in high esteem. However sharing the ‘shadows’ that you have encountered or traumas once visited, may have just been kept to you and those involved at that time. There are certain events and situations that are never spoken of and live inside of us forever. We even forget about their existence filed away in ‘never to be seen again’. In doing so we negate our own pain and suffering and nullify our emotions in relation to what the experience has triggered within us.

We may be ashamed to share the shadow of ourselves, the self that experienced adversity and hardships, in fear of judgement, rejection, or even more of what the trauma initially created. Fearful to expose our weakness and vulnerabilities, fearful to to recount the events, that we disliked so much and even resent having a memory about.

Expression of the ‘silent suffering’ will release you from your internalized pain that you thought no one would accept or overstand. We created the silence due to our own fears and prejudices about ourselves – its time to release the shackles. Whether those around you are aware of your ‘story’ or not, its time to share the real you, what made you be how, where, who you are today. Your weakness are your strengths when you accept them as part of your evolution process and growth there is nothing to hide. When we speak ‘our stories’ with conviction we are not only healing ourselves we are inspiring and helping others to do the same, as they are now more able relate to why, you are YOU.

Never hide who you really are, do not regret the past, there is a reason for every terrible thing that happened to you. Honor yourself by speaking your truth with pride. You will only gain respect from those around you when you are willing to respect and accept all aspects of yourself….. go on give it a try x


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