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The Eye of the Needle

Each one of us has lived through some level of adversities, pain, suffering, loneliness, some kinda weather storm some form of spiritual crisis.

It is easy to forget that which we have overcome and how we felt at that time. Many of you will have gone through a lot of shifts last year and be in a different frequency now. We must not forget that not everyone’s evolution is at the same rate or pace. Where as you may have already gone through the ‘eye of the needle’ their are many that have not. 

On your journey you learnt ways in which to navigate this ‘tight space’ and come through the other side, it was a process that was unique to you. Do not forget your story, it will and does help others there is a reason why you are the way you are. 

The unity of consciousness partly depends on you helping others through their darkness as you have now overcome yours. What exists in me exists in you, we are each other, in assisting others you assist yourself and the overall Ascension process. However remain mindful not to get lost in the adversities of others, that you neglect yourself. You have done a lot of ‘precious’ hard work to be your frequency do not forget to maintain and cultivate it. 

Essence x

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