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Integration of the Soul Light Codes

These are some ways in which you can integrate the Soul/Light Codes that have been brought in recently and how to keep your vibration high…

• Watch your words/thoughts. Use only words that are of the NOW and are positive like I am, I am doing, I am being,I am powerful, I am choosing. Let go of words like I will, I am going to, I am trying to, I wish, I hope, I can’t. Remember these will always end up being the action that is manifested everything is first brought about through our thoughts.

• Listen more; talk less. Really listen and feel what the underlying energy is. Listen; don’t just wait for a break to speak your own words. Many talk just to talk. Your words will have more value and impact when fewer words are used to convey your feelings. Remember this is where your wisdom has its chance to speak.

• Drop complaining, gossiping, blaming or listening to it. There are lower frequency emotions. Look for the root of what is causing this and ‘clear it up’ there is a reason why these behaviors are stimulating for you.

• In every moment, choose your next word or action based on what you feel and your Integrity. Live honestly from your truth at all times this the true reflection of the soul.

• Be aware of any deeper motivation you have before taking an action. Motives and intention are everything the purer the intention the more powerful the action. Insure your intentions and motives are channeled in the highest good at all times. Coming from your truest place of unconditional love.

• Spend more time with those who vibrate as you do; those who are loving and supportive; spend less time with those who lower your energy and are judgmental and critical. Being in this energy will lower you own vibration if you are not in that frequency. Limit yourself to amount of exposure to this type of energy.

• Let go more of judging. This is something that will take quite some time to master, when I catch myself in the ‘judgemental’ moment this phrase always helps from my teacher. ‘In the light, there is no judgement only acceptance’.

• Take responsibility for everything in your life. Overstanding that you a creator at times even creating the things you do not want. To take responsibility is to claim your ability to change anything.

• See the Love in everything and everyone; no matter how difficult that may seem. There is a positive to every negative, every cloud has a sliver lining. Make a conscious choice to see what the universe is speaking to you in that moment focus on the love that is there and shine your light in those dark places you encounter.

• Do things that are Joyful. Be consciously grateful for everything in life, for it brings to you more to be grateful for. Doing things that you enjoy will keep your vibration high. Gratitude is the first lesson in personal/self/spiritual development.

• Be in Acceptance of everything changing your perception will assist with this. Remember your perception is only relevant to you. By not accepting others we create our own issues of lack of acceptance.

• Stop categorizing things. It keeps you in separation (them/us); drop categorizing yourself; this keeps you boxed in old conceptions of yourself. You are limitless being with unlimited potential and everything is connected.

• Use Discernment with everyone and everything. Follow your Heart’s Guidance this is your inner GPS.

• Being aware of how you feel and being conscious in the moment is the greatest way to facilitate change. As your awareness will bring fourth conscious action.

All of these practices take you to a higher state of consciousness. And as your consciousness and vibration rise, your life reflects to you the love that you are.

Essence x

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