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Multidimensional Conversations

I awake with a heart full of gratitude I am in awe of my existence at this time. I awake with the awareness that this is another day on the path of ascension. How grateful am I to be alive in this moment?

As I take my first conscious breathe I sense excitement filling me up; as the awareness of the oxygen rejuvenating my every cell makes me feel excited…. I start to acknowledge the scent, wait it even smells like excitement. (how do I even know what excitement smells like ?) (says the critical mind).

I ease myself away from this mental space, and center myself back into my gratitude heart; my heart whispers to remind me ‘set the intention/s’ for the day……. I start bringing my awareness back to my breathe, (my first connection with spirit) as I focus more on my breathe and lengthening my inhalations and exhalations , filling my abdomen, lower abdomen and upper back with this life force energy. My thoughts dissipate and my higher self begins to connect. There is a tingling in my crown sometimes all over my body, (its my sign) – I am present……

As you take your daily steps on your path; maintain your awareness for the bigger picture, but never lose a moment and in these moments choose to be ‘in love’ momentarily .

Yeah, STUFF, stuff happens , stuff may even happen today, stuff happens all the time (the fear creeps in) but you do have a choice. Your path to ascension is paved with your negative behavior patterns and conditioning; you job is to overcome this you have to make different choices, when you are thinking, feeling or being from a negative perception, CHOOSE to change that and feel, think and BE from a positive place, a place of love.

Be conscious in that moment of what you are thinking, feeling and being instead of just being on autopilot. You are the creator, not the victim. This is your path to ascension – awareness of your thoughts and emotions is the ability to change them. So just for today we ask that you observe your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental way. Without question or investigation and in that moment, just choose to change. It has been brought to your awareness, this your opportunity to be the love you are (“hmmmmm this ties in with ascension protocol”) (says the radical self) . (“ascension protocols??? do you make this stuff up?) (says some fragment of me), change it transmute it to love, through your action, your response, your words, and yes even your self talk. Choose to see the BEAUTY it is there waiting to be uncovered, bring the love that you are into those moments and truly ‘light up’ your world……………..

Your practicing awareness and being conscious in the moment dear one, this is bringing you closer to your divinity and true nature, only you, can take you there, your being showed how – take the lesson (higher self talk)

Essence xxx

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