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Resistance and surrendering

There is a resistance to surrendering that which is closest to our hearts. It may an environment a career or a relationship, those same things that are very close to your heart are extremely difficult to let go of. You may be very aware of how uncomfortable some of these situations make you feel, but yet there is love in your heart for these aspects of your life to be maintained as they always have been.

There is a fear of letting go and a fear of change although we are to certain extents creatures of habit; This is where there is resistance to becoming the whole true authentic you. The awareness you may have of something not being quite right in certain aspects of your life is because those, same aspects are calling to be recognised as their true authentic self, as they really exist in your world. Not how you have learned to adapt to their existence through, compromise and acceptance of circumstances you believed that you had no authority or power to change. The time to truly authentically honor you has never been as critical as it is now.

Letting go of that which you feel you have no authority over and which may consequently control you. Is a extremely empowering liberating action to take in this time. These same situations block creativity as they consume energy in your world. Letting go will empty you; to be filled with the true authentic you, as I know you are very aware of your true hearts desires, acting on that is honoring your intuitive nature over your physical reality, which may seem impossible from the present vantage point.

Even the slightest negative inclination is showing you an imbalance to your own divinity. Choose to channel your energy in the direction of your truest desires and not allow it to seep away into things that don’t resonate with you on some level. Have faith in YOU regardless of how the circumstances appear in the physical realm, reclaim your creativity to your fullest potential and regain the creationist power that you have in your world. Fear not the change; learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable; learn to adapt to change/s for there is great power in mastering adaptability as the strength of capability is learned here.

I invite you to step into your power and act upon one of those intuitive inclinations you have and see how it benefits your path and feelings of fulfillment and purpose.

Essence x

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