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Seasonal Greetings

Seasonal greetings Soul Family,

We all have very different belief’s, faiths, religion’s and cultures this is the time of the year when most of us get a break from our daily routines and get to spend quality time with family & loved ones.

A time for us to rest, rejuvenate and reflect on what 2013 has had to share with us. In 2013 we really got to know who we really are, what makes us the unique way we are and do things in ways, only we can. We have gained a deeper overstand of ourselves and our consciousness here on earth and in the multi-verses. We feel empowered and ready to move forward embracing our strengths as much as our weakness, In full awareness and acceptance of who we really are.

Yes, we resisted this moment of being the authentic you, it took hard work on many levels to clear all the low frequency emotions, negative programming and cellular memory, some of the clearing will continue, but the majority of the hard work had been done, as we have had the courage this year to face our own darkness and work through it.

We rarely get a rest like this – look how far you’ve come since this time last year! Celebrate knowing the real you and all the blessons learned in 2013.

Eat, drink, celebrate, be happy, fulljoy and be grateful for whatever you share and partake in for there are not many as privileged as you.

Much love from the Essence xxx

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