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Self Love

Self Love

The most beneficial healing you’ll ever participate in is the powerful process of self-healing. Deciding that you are no longer going to hurt you is extremely empowering and liberating action. However, putting you first takes commitment, self respect and honor to your divinity.

We all have various ‘coping strategies’ in place for navigation in uncomfortable circumstances and situations. Alot of those same ‘strategies’ negate our true nature and authentic self and either repress us or suppress on some level. We have learnt to comprise self in order ‘to get through’ this challenging time. Without realizing that the biggest challenge is actually to stay committed to self throughout it all.

Maintaining your frequency and holding your own vibration of love, peace and light is the most beneficial thing that you can do. For it is that alone that often heals situations and circumstances. The ability to not get ‘drawn’ into such circumstances or attract them will depend upon how much ‘self healing’ work you have done.

To maintain your frequency requires cultivation and commitment of your spiritual practices throughout challenging times. Whether that is time for your mediation, yoga or even just to journal and express what is happening for you, quite time, it may be spending time in nature, making time to prepare our food or just relaxing being and breathing.

Taking care of you takes, time dedication and commitment, you would never leave a friend in need so why are you always leaving yourself ? Caring for you is caring for others, healing self, is healing others and mother earth. Make a commitment to you, to be honest with yourself about your own levels of self harming and neglect that you create in order to ‘cope’. Let it GO its no longer serving you, but hurting you. Self love is major ascension lesson and hurdle that we all have to overcome; releasing the shackles of all the programming is a responsibility that we all have to ourselves. Take the leap of faith to honoring self, the universe will be supporting you and applauding you

Essence xxx



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