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Godwin – Uganda

You a one of the few people that 100% loves and believes in AFRICANS! And to me as an african, that makes me see u as special person-and u surely are! All people u loved on, gave time and shared ur experiences and stories with here in UGANDA- love and miss u alot-especially i Godwin. Anyway u are special. The world need people like u. People who can give hope to the hopless and the broken hearted, who can love the unloved, and bring joy to communities.

Narda – Michigan US 

Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. … Teach a man how to fish and He’ll eat for life. Thank you for teaching me how to fish. I LOVE YOU

Robin – Michigan US

Thank you so much for the insightful reading today. Much appreciated my friend!! Love and light to you…

 Alexis – Norway

Your guidance/healing has been amazing tonight feel calmer & more balanced already!!!!

Shirley London

Amazing thank you so much, I have learned so much about myself! You are an angel thank you for helping me xxx

Christine Kent UK 

I’m an intuitive healer myself, & find it very hard to find “genuine” likeminded people, who work purely from heart/soul x

Charlotte – South Africa

You are a beautiful soul with an amazing gift for guiding others on their true path x with great words & practical advice to help me move forward on my journey!!! I’m so grateful to have connected to you

Celine  – Germany 

I am so glad to receive the clarification that I so needed at this time, I feel relieved, relaxed and much lighter, many thanks to you oxoxo

Cheryl Kansas US 

Words can not express how empowered I felt after this session. YOU are a beacon of light. I really appreciate how you were able to connect with me on a soul level and share wisdom to assist me along my journey. Thank you again” I will look out for the prescription and will do the meditation as soon as i get settled at home tonight

Shrilita – Gibraltar

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my session with you, I am amazed that so much can be done remotely! I appreciate your assistance much love angel

Jodie –  Canada 

I am so happy to have found you, spirituality can be so confusing. Thankfully I now have the right guidance, looking forward to our next session

Simita – Kenya

Thank you so much , I have learnt so much from you and your teachings and feel like I really can  now, look forward to seeing you in Kenya x


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